Will The iPad Air Be Updated In October?

The software giant might just be avoiding an update of the iPad Air this time as analysts believe that the firm is concentrating more on the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro instead.

Apple Inc is expected to host its annual event held in October in which it arranges to show changes it wishes to launch in the iPads every year. However, this year there are rumors which suggest otherwise. The software giant is not expected to bring about any changes in the iPad Air this time which has surprised the analysts.

Since the software giant has been following this pattern with its iPads, the rumors suggesting that this time the firm is going to take a different route has made the analysts believe that the Californian company might just be avoiding bringing an update for the gadget. As per a news article released by the Economic Daily, it was stated that Apple might currently be not looking towards upgrading the iPad Air anytime soon.

Instead of carrying out the update they carried out every year, this time the software developers might just put all of their attention on the iPad Mini 4 and make changes in that only. Another rumor that has taken the industry by a stir is that it could be possible that the firm is planning to launch the much talked about iPad Pro now, which has just been talked about so far and no update has so far been made by the firm.

Another report that was released recently by Digitimes showed that there is no update to be expected from Apple iPads this season, given how the firm has already made many changes in the gadget only a year before. The software giant has been known to first bring new changes in the iPhone and later on update the iPads with the same things. The tech company has always avoided bringing a change directly to the iPad given the history of retina display and Touch ID, which it first introduced in the iPhones and then on the latter gadget.

This time around, the firm might be planning to introduce Force Touch to the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s but this update is not expected to be made in the iPad yet, as that gadget is a little too big in size to be put in with a feature like that. The firm has already updated the iPad Air 3 with a fast speed chip and apart from some higher mega pixels for the camera, the analysts cannot think of any other change or update that there could be brought about in the new product of the company. The Force Touch feature will be first tested on the iPhone 6s and later it might be considered to be put in the iPad.

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