Bright energy future

As Nexergy’s co-founders, Darius and I (Grant) are passionate about an energy future that is clean, and that empowers the “people formerly known as customers” (with apologies to Jay Rosen). We also see value in the interconnectedness of energy systems—in the form of micro- and nano-grids, etc.—for ensuring energy equity and resilience in the energy ecosystem.

We are developing a local energy trading and control platform which allows people with distributed energy resources (DER) — such as solar and batteries — to trade their energy with others in their community. The platform provides a customer-centric way to optimise the energy flows between distributed generation, storage devices, automated home appliances and the electricity network, reducing costs whilst strengthening network resilience, providing benefits to both customers and industry alike.

Nexergy was formed from the Energy XO program run through Sydney-based incubator, Pollenizer with support from Horizon Power.

We’ll be sharing more about our thinking—on energy trading, what we learn on the journey, what we’re up to, and on energy and electricity in general—here in due course. Thanks for joining us on the ride… ^GY

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