Next Decade

The Next Decade decentralized app is going live on June 23! Test the dApp on and explore the spaces we offer:

The Grid. Join a powerful hub to connect with people, discover new projects and build your environment.

The Block. Claim your block for free and get a direct link to your unique ID. Secure your handle on June 23 and display your profile to all your friends.



Patch Notes V0.3.0

Thank you for testing the Next Decade app and sharing your remarks, suggestions and feedback with us. Please keeping reporting and sharing to achieve the best possible app.

Radio KN10 FM

Based on your feedback, here are some notes about the latest version of the app.


  • Camera lock and set on centre.
  • Vertical swipe reset and increase minimal detection value for prevent small swipes.
  • Optimisation of memory usage.
  • Optimising stability issues.


  • Discovery profile page
  • User can see followers list


  • Slow loading time

We will keep on working on the app, reading your feedback and suggestions, fixing issues and adding features on a weekly basis.

In the meantime, you can see a small display of what our perfect Space looks like, with the evolution of Buns!



We revamped our website as we are moving towards an interconnected web of all the virtual worlds where our identity is seamlessly moving between worlds. We are creating a metaverse space acting as a seamless crossover platform, allowing you to experience metaverse as a lifestyle.

Welcome to the Next Decade

We started our journey with, an IP-as-a-platform to do collaborative projects with artists/brands and enable them to share their vision with the world.