In the ecommerce race, delivery wins

Over the years, Amazon has experimented with innovative delivery models including lockers, robots, and drones to ship products faster. The ecommerce juggernaut has differentiated itself with superior logistics and, in the process, has heightened consumer expectations for the whole industry.

Online retailers can woo customers with compelling brands and engaging shopping experiences — complete with streamlined browsing and optimized checkout. Still, one bad delivery experience may drive a customer to a competitor that prioritizes fast, cheap, and reliable delivery.

In an increasingly competitive market, online retailers have sought out ways to act fast when a delivery issue is flagged.

Convey sits at the intersection of the retailer, 3rd party carrier, and the customer — bringing transparency to retailers’ complex logistics backend. Convey powers a more personal and customized delivery experience, including order tracking, delivery estimates, and return handling.

This solution is especially powerful around holidays and peak times, where timely delivery is critical. For Father’s Day, a $15B in sales holiday, Uncommon Goods used Convey data to foresee delayed shipments and proactively expedite new orders to ensure spotless delivery.

In the race to compete with Amazon, Convey can give retailers a leg up in optimizing fulfillment and improving customer communication — without large investments in building these capabilities internally. Retailers including use Convey to raise the bar in delivery and customer satisfaction.

With Convey everybody wins: the retailer, the carrier, and most importantly, the customer.