How To Choose The Right Club For You

by Neerja Patel

You’re new and you’re trying to figure yourself out and how you are going to fit in with all the other kids around you. Why not join a club? It will help you make some friends and it will keep you occupied. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a club and you’ll be sure to find the right place for you.

Put Fun First

There is no harm in signing up for a club not knowing whether you are interested in it or not. You can never know if you like something until you try it, right? Ultimately, the most pragmatic approach to choosing clubs considers only you — not your dream college, not your friends, and not your parents. It’s about furthering or developing a passion. Sign up for clubs that sound interesting, or put your name down for a completely foreign activity. Stay if you enjoy it, if you don’t, no need to keep attending; move on to the next activity and continue your search.

Feel Free To Experiment

During my high school years, I went through a journey of experimentation in order to figure out which clubs interested me the most. Freshman year I joined too many clubs in an attempt to bolster my future college application and found myself overwhelmed and unenthused.

However, sophomore year I discovered a passion for Student Council by casually attending the club meetings. I love this club because I am able to see friends I don’t usually see during the school day and this creates real community. We form committees and create events for the students to participate in such as Spirit Week and Homecoming. Organizing the events, being involved in the planning process, and finally seeing everything come together at the end is very rewarding. I was just elected as the Vice President of Student Council and it is an honor to be leading a student group I truly care about.I also started a NextGenVest Global Business Leaders Club at my school this fall as I believe in the mission of NextGenVest and am now thinking about key things I will need to know after high school in the real world.

Pursue Your Interests And Develop Your Passion

Dedicating yourself to clubs you are passionate about is beneficial because it further develops you as a person and can grow your skills in that discipline. Like me, discovering meaningful clubs and organizations may require some experimentation–yet, actually finding clubs that inspire passion renders the search a success. With clubs, you are able to enjoy activities outside of school and manage your time effectively, while simultaneously learning and growing as a student.

So, with a new school just around the corner, what clubs will you try?

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