Get Your Next Keyboard on Kickstarter!

The iPhone’s keyboard is more than just a tool for typing. It’s how we connect with friends, family, coworkers, and a rapidly evolving world. We believe touch keyboards have a wealth of untapped potential, so we started building your Next Keyboard for iPhone and now we want to finish it with you on Kickstarter.

Think about it: there has to be faster ways to type and fix mistakes, especially one-handed on the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Why can’t we see lower- and upper-case letters, and why can’t we use themes to make our keyboards ours? Touch keyboards are an undiscovered country, and we want to go to there.

Seven months ago we set out to solve these and other typing challenges, and our answer is Next Keyboard.

Smarter cursor, faster editing

But we don’t want to just make a new keyboard, we want to involve you throughout the process and make the perfect iPhone keyboard for you, too. That’s why we started outside of the App Store first by reaching out to communities at Reddit, Product Hunt, and Designer News. It is why we are now asking you to join us on Kickstarter for the home stretch.

Check out our project page to get more details about Next Keyboard, give us direct feedback, and pledge to make the perfect iPhone keyboard a reality. We’re almost finished, and we cannot wait to literally get Next Keyboard in your hands.

Update: The campaign is now over. Next Keyboard is the most funded app on Kickstarter!

We're on a mission to make you love your keyboard.

We're on a mission to make you love your keyboard.