YouTube will soon announce subscription service

U p next on YouTube: paying to see content.

On October 21st, it’s reportedly announcing its oft-rumored subscription service to help fund content creators on some new content. That makes sense — with the rise of AdBlockers from Apple’s iOS 9 update, and increasing competition from rivals like Vessel, YouTube can’t afford to rest on its laurels, even though it’s still by and large the most popular video streaming site.

But giants fall. Until as recently as 2012, Nokia was the world’s largest maker of mobile phones. AOL was once the dominant internet company. And as quickly as they fall, newer, more agile startups and companies take their place. Apple and Google have always been quick-to-adapt. And the new subscription service would continue to prove that the latter will always be able to foresee what’s coming. It’s already done that multiple times, for example, earlier this year it introduced YouTube Gaming to rival against Twitch.

But some could argue that the new service will go against what made YouTube so popular in the first place. With its meteoric rise, YouTube was popular because it was free, and charging people to see videos might make it less appealing. No longer can you watch any video you come across for free, and that could be a turn-off for some people.

And that would be especially dangerous at a time when Facebook is ramping up its video effort, with massive improvements designed to help its platform rival the Google giant. Either way, Google will likely have thought it through, and we’ll just have to see what awaits us when the new service is announced, and when it goes to market.