(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Questions and Answers Updated as of September 5, 2017

Many people have asked ‘What happens next?’

Starting today September 5, 2017, the government will no longer accept new applications from undocumented immigrants to shield them from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

What will happend to the estimated 800,000 current ‘DACA’ beneficiaries of the program brought to the United States illegally as children?

These 800,000 beneficiaries will not be immediately affected by the cancellation of DACA. They will be allowed to renew their status. They will be able to renew their two-year period of legal status until October 5.

Any dreamer who leaves The United States with a permission can return to The United States with no problem. But any dreamer who leaves this country without permission, will not be allowed to enter back again.

What is the actual date before the executive order ‘DACA’ is totally abolished?

President Donald J. Trump is urging Congress to replace it with legislation before it begins phasing out on March 5, 2018.

What will USCIS (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) do with the roughly 800,000 ‘DACA’ beneficiaries?

The Department of Immigration officials said that they do not intend to actively target the young immigrants as priorities for deportation, though without the program’s protection, the immigrants are considered subject to removal from the United States and would no longer be able to work legally.

70% of ‘DACA’ beneficiaries are from Mexico. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto continues to freeload on American tax payers. His country is governed by corrupt politicians. Mexico is also the most dangerous country in North America and second to Syria. Mexico has for decades taken advantage of American tax payers. The Mexican government continues to loot American tax payers as it maintains a low profile to avoid any retaliation from hard working American tax payers. That is their game plan, Let Americans pay millions while they continue with their corruption.

Once ‘DACA? is totally revoked, American tax payers will save a total of $460,000,000 dollars.

What did The President of The United States Donald J. Trump Say about ‘DACA’?

The president said he wanted to “resolve the DACA issue with heart and compassion — but through the lawful democratic process — while at the same time ensuring that any immigration reform we adopt provides enduring benefits for the American citizens we were elected to serve. We must also have heart and compassion for unemployed, struggling, and forgotten Americans.”

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