How to Convince Your Boss

Of course you’re excited to come to ngAtlanta, and why shouldn’t you be?

ngAtlanta is a world class conference just outside of the Atlanta metro in a suburb named Alpharetta. You will be meeting hundreds of your peers, technology experts, Pluralsight and book authors, founders, world traveled speakers, and members of the Open Source community.

ngAtlanta has the potential to help you discover new techniques, development patterns, leadership styles, mentors and ways to plug into the community. All of which help you to work smarter and grow your career.

Scroll down to get some tips on convincing your management to allow you and your team to attend.

Pre-conference Workshops

Workshops are full one or two day day deep dives into specific topics like Ionic, NativeScript, Beginning Angular, Forms. Workshops are instructor lead and in lab format. Make sure you bring your laptop and be ready to level up your skills.

Single Track Conference

With ngAtlanta there is a single conference track, that means you will be able to catch every single nugget of knowledge shared at ngAtlanta. Take all of that knowledge back and begin to apply it to your projects.

Uninterrupted learning

Online learning is fantastic but there are so many distractions: meetings, emails, instant messages from co-workers, they all break focus. By attending ngAtlanta you have the uninterrupted time to acquire the knowledge you need to move your projects forward.

Industry Experts

Why waste valuable time and resources making the same mistakes as everyone else or worse duplicating functionality that already exists in the Open Source community. We’ve curated speakers from Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Turner and CareerBuilder to share with you their code snippets, learnings, mistakes and successes with the explicit goal to make you a better developer.

The Whole Picture

One of our goals with ngAtlanta was for people coming to the conference to come out of it with a more holistic picture of the development environment we work in.

A holistic picture is not built through only amazing talks on Angular, but talks on related technologies like NativeScript, Ionic, Auth0 and WebPack. The talks on mentorship, community building and inclusion really help to round out the experience.

By not having a myopic focus we hope to give engineers what they need to be great contributors to not only their jobs but also to the community as a whole.

We believe that ‘You can sit with us’ is not just the Angular team motto, it is the embodiment of the values of the Angular team and its community.


It’s kind of hard to hide the futurist in the room. What greater opportunity is there to feed a curious mind then with a peek into what the future has in store. The world renowned futurist and physicist Dr. Michio Kaku is our special speaker for the conference.

The Hallway and After Dark talks & party

Amazing things can happen in a hallway. When you have such an amazing group of speakers and wonderful attendees it creates abundant opportunities for learning. That problem that you and your team have been stuck on may just well have been solved by someone walking around the hallway.

The After Dark talks & party are another great way to learn. In our After Dark session we give the opportunity for anyone at the conference to share a lightning talk / mini session, we have no idea what great content will be available but we know it will be something you don’t want to miss. The talks will be going at the same time as our party where you will have the opportunity to share a few beverages and some food with other members of the community.

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