Interview with Chaela Womack

Chaela Womack

In preparation for ngAtlanta we are doing a series of interviews with our speakers. We are proud to introduce an in depth interview with Chaela Womack!

ngAtlanta: Let’s start with something easy, what was your first computer?

Chaela: I’m not quite sure, I was like 5 years old, it was the family computer. I do remember the AOL connecting and I remember our first digital camera, it was one MP and it had floppy disks.

ngAtlanta: What was your first programming language?

Chaela: My first programming language was Javascript and I didn’t really know what I was doing. But I eventually figured it out.

ngAtlanta: Tell us something about yourself that is not in your bio.

Chaela: I love to roller-skate, I like being outside, I really love programming. When I’m not programming I want to be spending time outside just soaking up sunshine. I also love to eat and cook.

ngAtlanta: What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Chaela: I love asian food, so I’m always looking for new recipes, Thai food in particular is good.

ngAtlanta: What got you interested in software?

Chaela: I was doing graphic design and I took a web design course, I felt that I was pretty good at it. It was basic html and css and I felt that was the direction I wanted to go into. I’m a little more logical than creative and I was just playing with Javascript, after that class I made the switch to computer science.

ngAtlanta: What’s your greatest success?

Chaela: I would say the fact that I’m even here. I’m so fresh to the industry, I’ve been able to work very hard and I’ve progressed to this point.

ngAtlanta: What do you wish people asked you?

Chaela: Sometimes I wish people would ask why we are doing something rather than how to do it. Why are we even doing it in the first place

ngAtlanta: What question is nobody in software willing to answer or should be answered more often?

Chaela: Something that concerns me is how much we are talking about automation, I don’t think we are asking ourselves how that is going to impact the bigger picture. We may be making some people’s lives easier but may also be hurting some people.

ngAtlanta: What excites you about participating in ngAtlanta?

Chaela: I think Atlanta has a pretty good tech scene and its growing lots. I’m excited to meet other people, Im excited to help grow the Angular community here and be a bigger part of it.

ngAtlanta: Who is your favorite mentor and why?

Chaela: Zack Chapple, because his approach with mentoring is basically to throw you in the water and you’re either going to drown or survive. It really pushes me. It’s a good way to grow and is a part of the reason I’m here.

ngAtlanta: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Chaela: I love the problem solving and I know as developers we shouldn’t refactor all the time, but I find refactoring so fun because you take your old solution and you make it better. You can see yourself growing and improving.

ngAtlanta: Where and to whom do you go when you get stuck on a problem?

Chaela: I usually go to my coworkers, the Angular documentation, Medium has some good resources too.

ngAtlanta: What blogs, people on twitter, or books do you recommend?

Chaela: I don’t usually read blogs, I tend to follow things on reddit though. I’m subscribed to the Node thread. I love watching the new things that show up there. Its never from just one source, sometimes its just a link to someones GitHub. Its a pretty cool way to see what’s happening.

ngAtlanta: What makes you get up in the morning?

Chaela: Food, Money, and I really do like my job. I’m not much of a morning person, but when I get there I’m glad to be there.

We really hope you enjoyed this interview and we look forward to seeing you at ngAtlanta.

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