NgAtlanta Kicks Off This January

Technology, Inclusivity, and Diversity — The first Angular conference focused on people first.

August 10, 2017 — Atlanta, GA — The first conference focused on diversity, inclusion, and Angular hits Atlanta this January. With the goal of improving gender equality, addressing the under representation of minorities, and providing greater opportunity for ALL individuals in tech while simultaneously proving world class workshops and sessions on Angular. NgAtlanta strives to create realistic and effective solutions for the long-term.

Featured Speakers

When the conference was founded in April 2017, the aim was to have at least 50% of presenters be female. This goal has been surpassed, with a current speaker mix of 70% female speakers.

Developers and Technology Evangelists from all over the globe will be discussing the latest in Angular applications, tools, libraries, and more. Tracy Lee, Google Developer Expert and Co-Founder of This Dot, Tracy Manicsic on the KendoUI team at Progress, Aimee Knight from Warner Bros, John Papa, Google Developer Expert and at Microsoft, and Brad Green from Google, and Randall Koutnik from Netflix are among these presenters.

You can find the full list of speakers and their bios at

Talks, Workshops, and Discussions

The conference will be held at the Hotel ­­Avalon in Alpharetta, GA and will consist of talks on advancing technology and web development, with the incorporation of both hard and soft skills.

There are countless opportunities to learn; with sessions covering everything from security applications and PWA’s Universal, to workshops which provide training in beginning to advanced Angular, Enterprise Development, RxJS/Observables, Ionic, NativeScript, and so much more!

Details and registration are available at

A Great Experience

Overall, NgAtlanta is a fantastic opportunity for learning and attending workshops, hearing from amazing speakers, networking, and meeting like-minded individuals who share a passion for diversity, inclusion and the incredible framework that is Angular.

To find out more about NgAtlanta, visit or contact Zack Chapple, for more details!