No matter what…

Being Alright, or Compton’s encouragement

I stumbled upon a friend’s piece on how hip hop is more than just a genre or music box. It is a lifestyle choice. The weighty existence that is actually a culture, relentlessly cutting across tribes, continents, gender and in some cases species.

It has become the voice of the masses. Refusing to be content with that, it has become the teacher of that same mob of humanity.

KRS-ONE famously called hip hop “intelligent movement” and went on to talk about how eternal it is. He goes on talking about how everything passes but just like the dust on the moon the culture is renewed endlessly. Did someone say phoenix? Maybe.

Remind me one day to break down the entire concept into smaller bits. There is quite a lot to be unbundled from the lot.

He captures one important sentiment in that song of his; I need to keep moving. Not just that, I need to make sure these moves are attached to the right levels of knowledge.

Go back to the top of this article. That fellow in the denim jacket bouncing up and down is fast becoming an “icon.”

We throw the term around recklessly these days don’t we? I’m not here to debate the semantics though. Kendrick Lamar is not someone I took seriously till early this year but the chap does make a valid point on this banging track, no wonder he gets all that attention.

Produced by the ageless Pharrell Williams, a personal favourite, the song goes on a narrative that challenges angst and simply declares that all will be well. America is becoming more willing to acknowledge how it wants to gobble up one demographic. The shootings, the pimping of talent and the burning churches have always been there, we just started paying attention more.

In the midst of this the fellow still confidently declares it will be alright.

Wow. I needed to hear this again. In my “intelligent movement” and endeavours I tend to drown in the chaos around me.

It does not in any way seem like it will be alright sometimes.

Like Kendrick (on different scales of course) I have to contend with what seems like a splintered nation, relationships with humans who are as flawed as I am, converting my skills into adequate resources, various goals, and of course hunger (I am on a diet because I need to ensure my mid section doesn’t become flabby, sigh.)

Nevertheless, resilience is my prerogative. Right smack in the middle of the pressure I will be alright. I will thrive, I owe the ones watching that much. Especially when I encouraged them saying there was genuine hope. Not that variety Christopher Nolan’s Bane ridiculed, rather the genuine stuff that gets fresher and fuels one.

Defiance in the face of challenges, that’s who I am; I am also a lover of random stuff like this random picture of a floating balloon.

Romans 8:28. (Look it up)

By the way, Manchester United probably needs this encouragement. The team still looks like a mess right now. Like, sort it out, please.

The challenge of writing so many pieces in 30 days is mostly daunting. What happens by day 16 when I’m tempted to start writing on the dangers of shirking cologne?

The more I think I about it, I’m probably alright already, right?

Look, another random photo!

If you did not get it, I’m basically saying “goodbye”