I did not lose Henry

If anything gains have been made…

I shouted so much about my love for God. Did the same about how much of a fanboy I was for Hip Hop. That was my stance in the midst of other guys who claimed they shared similar interests. Then I met him, the apparent anomaly in the mix.

This is not a tribute. This is perhaps a selfish lament about missing a friend that I forget on some days and then pretend to not feel guilt whenever I remember. Remember that he was an example. Remember that reality checks can come from the people who are on your team, in love.

He had no ill will towards anybody for as long as I knew him. He could poke fun at you without a trace of bile within and at the same time he could be serious enough to scold you for dropping the ball.

First time I met him he was honest and that is understating it. He made it clear that we would be great friends; simply by taking a swipe at someone and then surprisingly at me too while I was still laughing at the other “poor” fellow.

Hip hop culture is rife with calls for people to be “hard” men. To ensure that emotions are kept in check while reaching for a double standard infested level of “realness.” He did not subscribe to this rubbish. It was great to have him say how vulnerable he felt, how much he wanted to achieve things, even the small challenges he was facing at certain times.

In all this he remained true, consistent and unwavering in his love for God.

He could spit verses that genuinely impressed me not just with lyrical strength but with the depth of the lessons within. This was the same guy who actually made me believe there were Nigerian Christians who could hone the skills they had and not try to use the “Holy Spirit” to emotionally blackmail brethren into subscribing to whatever they did.

Then he was gone. I woke up from a nap to hear the bad news. Every year I repeat this cycle of guilt, honour and remembrance.

Do I miss him? Yes I do. Then again he is an example to remember and emulate. I pray I do well enough to make him proud.

God Bless You Henry.

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