Luigi complained, everyday

It was always about him. That rubbish decision to make the “other” brother better. The Japanese decided he would be snazzier while I got the glum, toned down look.

Look at him; they really thought it was a good idea to give him that smug moustache. They gave him all the friends too. From the dinosaur to that toad and of course my Princess, Rubbish.

Why can’t anybody see that he’s depleting the earth’s mushrooms? He is literally harming the earth! You would think in our line of work he would appreciate the crust of this earth a bit more. Instead there he is stomping about in fits of anger wrecking stuff.

Take a look at his “work” clothes. (Yes “work” in air rabbits because all he does is jump and run around). Do they realise red is not as green as well, green?

Is it not obvious that I’m more into the earth than he is?

Okay, we are Roman descendants so why doesn’t he take football seriously? That is the manly thing to do.

I wonder why he gets to be the one that gets the girl. Why don’t I get her instead? Yeah, yeah, I know, I know it’s because I’m less likely to run off chasing coins.

He is so much more popular. That makes me sad.

Oh no, did I just spend this entire rant talking about him?

Sigh. I just want to be loved.