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Love, disconnected minds and laundry

There’s this Ed Sheeran song. “Thinking out loud” it’s called. Very touching; Hits you right smack in the feels. It is corny enough to be your wedding song if that’s your thing.

Basically infused with a legit amount of mush, and tear jerking depending on how hungry you are, Ed croons about stars and kisses and love in the time of cholera (okay, that last one is not true.)

The video’s pretty neat too; especially if repeatedly hitting the floor is your thing.

If you have absolute disregard for clean clothes then feast your eyes.

Those people who hold a disdain for having to deal with soiled clothing items could probably break out into epileptic fits. If you are one of such please do not watch the video.

I hate laundry so Mr Sheeran is setting a bad example there if you ask me. *cough*

The song has a line that should be sweet. Then again it’s weird. Not too well thought out maybe?

Before you all dramatically gasp and wonder who I am to question the great singer from something-shire, take time to hear or no, read me out.
And darling I will be loving you till we’re seventy..,” this line is oh so worrisome.

What happens when seventy actually shows up? I pray that for any sixty-seven year old reading this your next three years are not spent in absolute nail biting agony.

He is twenty-four (wrote the song when he was roughly twenty-three) so perhaps he thinks that line is very sweet eh? What if he thought wrong?

What if this imaginary love interest wants love beyond seventy? Because, you know, she wants to stick around for a bit on God’s green earth? What if Ed’s subconscious is so conditioned to stop loving after that age?

What if?

At this point I have realized that my mind is probably too paranoid. I call it being “careful” and you say Ed was not being literal. Here I am shaking my head at you.

You naïve, hopelessly lost romantics.

You need to cross examine Mr Sheeran in a poorly lit room. Quickly. Or you could just go back to trying to figure out a way to solve global hunger.

I don’t know, I’ve had a long and stressful day. Let me usher in Donald Glover here.

P.S. Ed Sheeran kept clutching the feet of the lady in the video. What does this mean?

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