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An intermittent fasting one meal a day routine in my own opinion is too hardcore and should only be followed through by experts in the field.

It doesn’t matter how much weight loss you are trying to gain. It is a method that would do more harm than good.

One of the reason why I will never support intermittent fasting one day meal routine is that, loosing fat is best done through a gradual process and not otherwise.

Anything looking like “loose fat very fast” is an unhealthy path that would eventually cause more complications for those involved.

You can still loose a lot of body fat by using the the 16/8 method. With just a week into it, you would begin to see serious change.

So I wonder why anyone would want to make life harder for themselves by going an extra unnecessary mile.

Intermittent fasting one meal a day routine is too drastic a procedure for weight loss or any other benefits at that.

Just don’t do it!

Intermittent fasting one meal a day,

It would be much easier to loose those stubborn body fat if you make up your mind and drop sugars completely from your dinning table.

Which means many of the soft drinks you have already become addicted to.

There is no commonsense or scientific reason to go aggressive with your intermittent fasting.

So just drop the idea of an intermittent fasting one meal a day routine because you don’t need it.

Like the Buddha would advice, “take the moderate path and you will find exactly what you want”.

Stay fit! Stay blessed!