It’s women’s day, I choose to be happy.

With me, i don’t care so much about women’s day for me.

No flowers, no gifts for me but I am still happy, truly happy with those things i’ve done in this day.

I send my love, my care to my beloved women. They are my mother, my sisters and my girl-friends. I am happy because they feel my love, they feel happy. With me, that’s all, that’s biggest happiness.

And today, i am writing the first words, the first pages of my own book. I don’t care whether anyone want to read it, whether i can finish it or not, i already wrote down. I feel happy with that because i have written with own my heart, all my love in every single words. I dont put any effort on that, i just write any thought in my mind, any lovely words for girls. Because i want to gift this for girls, those who like me, a happy girl.

And I am happy when I see my roomate talk and smile with her boys, with her funny story on women’s day. I am happy with other’s happiness. That’s wonderful feeling of mine and it makes me special.

It’s today, the day i choose to be happy.