Dreamer Girl

“Not tonight, not tonight,” said grandma.

I’ll tell you a story about the fairies and princesses of Notherland tomorrow.

But Mamiiiiiii….

“You promised to tell me tonight,” the little girl pleaded.

“You have to sleep because school tomorrow morning and I don’t want you to be late,” grandma explained.

Okay, mami. I’ll sleep now but, you have to pray with me first.

It was 9:45pm

Grandma held her little hands, and with eyes closed, they both recited a short prayer…

“Dear God,

Thank you for today.

Thank you for my friends and family.

Bless us as we go to bed now.”


Nemi was fast asleep as soon as grandma tugged her into her bed.

Now, she wondered in this imaginary world called “dreamland”.

The wind was perfect for a sunny day

The trees were dancing as the breeze blew over them

Nemi couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw beautiful fairies carrying baskets of flowers and singing like birds.

She could hear and see them but no one noticed her.

Now, Nemi wished her bestfriend Imma was with her.

“Imma always help me with ideas,” Nemi talking to herself quietly.

The singing fairies got closer and she could see they were six of them, all dressed as the different disney princesses -

Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.

“Ooh, how I wish they could talk to me,” whispered Nemi.

My friends will be so proud of me, that I met with some of the most famous Princesses of Disneyland.

Nemi was still thinking of how she could make these beautiful fairies acknowledge her presence when “Belle” the fairy announced that the Prince of Notherland will arrive in five-minutes.

All the other fairies danced in excitement as they threw their baskets of flowers in the air, running towards a giant gate engraved with pearls and diamonds.

“That must be the Notherland palace,” said Nemi.

“Wow, this place is magical!” exclaimed Nemi.

“I want to go inside the palace and talk to the prince too.”

Nemi was startled by a loud noise. It was the king’s chariot men.

“What a beautiful parade!”

Nemi was wearing her favorite sleeping clothes. It was a long satin gown with a lace cape. Her hair was tied in two pony tails with red and blue ribbons.

She squeezed her tiny self through the crowd into the palace.

Nemi didn’t notice that everyone had a secret code to get into the palace.

So, the palace guards sensed that there was an intruder amongst them.

The chief guard gave an order for immediate search.

Nemi, was busy admiring the fancy decorations and grandeur of the place when a strikingly handsome young man stood in her way, right in front of her.

All she could do was smile because he was extremely good looking.

“My name is Prince Orlof. Who are you?” said the young man standing in front of Nemi in an authoritative voice.

At that point, Nemi was shivering. She began thinking of her grandma and all her loved ones.

“I am LOST,” she screamed.

“I am looking for my grandma.”

She said those words with tears streaming down her eyes.

The young prince was somewhat shocked to see this little stranger crying.

He carried Nemi in his arms and whispered to her,

“you’ll be fine little girl, we’ll find your grandma for you.”

Nemi was already enjoying the warmth of the Prince Orlof’s arms when grandma came to wake her up for school.

Nemi! Nemi!

“Wake up, It’s 7:15am.

You’ll be late for school,” grandma calling in her soft voice.

“Awwww…. Mami

You found me,” Nemi grinned.

I was at the Notherland palace and I met the prince, Nemi tells grandma with so much glee in her voice.

Grandma was a little confused because she had always fixed all the fairy stories she told Nemi.

Nemi went on, “now you don’t need to tell me the story of Notherland because I’ll be telling you all what I saw there tonight.”

The beauty of this story is how kids have a very creative and imaginative mind. They became what you feed them with.

Nemi’s grandmother inspired Nemi so much through her fairytales and all Nemi could dream of, was to meet a real prince or be a princess someday.

I am Nemi.

I am the one writing this story.

I still haven’t found or met a real prince

Yet, I have always been a princess.