Say hello to the Civil Registry:

Initial design of the Civil Registry, featuring Civil’s first fleet newsrooms, which have been carefully and thoughtfully selected by Civil for their alignment with the Civil Constitution. They will be on the initial Civil Registry and subject to community review like all other newsrooms when the Civil Registry launches.

It’s a core part of the overall Civil experience. The Civil Registry is the destination to which prospective Civil Newsrooms must apply to access publishing rights on the Civil platform. Inclusion in the Civil Registry means that the community has vetted a Newsroom and deemed it as having a credible, journalistic mission, and that it has pledged to adhere to the journalistic ethics outlined by the Civil Constitution.

Maintaining a whitelist of good actors is not an overly complicated concept on the surface. As the Civil Registry grows, so too does the value…

Nguyet Vuong

VP of Design at Serto. Previously, Cofounded Civil.

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