The 54th Deadline: Clay

At the risk of sounding too philosophical, what if we think of life as a lump of clay? What if we just think of it as something we can shape and mold every day?

Perhaps we want it to be strong. Perhaps we want it to be flimsy. Maybe we want it to be something people don’t expect it to be. In this sense, life truly is how we make it out to be.

I admit I have been extremely guilty of letting my lump of clay be squashed down by my insecurities, my own reluctance, my sense of fear amid all of my various hopes and aspirations.

Ultimately, no final product (at least one I can be proud of) can occur at this rate. Not like this. Not in a century. Not until the end of time. Unless, of course, I take the right steps to mold my life into exactly the kind of thing it can be.

So yes, we all have this lump of clay to play with, and that’s what some of us choose to do with it.

We mess around, we try to fiddle with it, but then you have those people who have an exact idea in mind for how it should turn out. They follow everything like it’s an exact step-by-step kind of spiel. It’s like they have all of the directions right before, and all they have to do is just do what they are told. Nothing more. Nothing less.


What exactly do I want my life to be like? What shape do I want it to be?

I constantly emphasize how badly I want to “succeed.” What does this mean? What exactly would this entail? Well, my destiny has been in my own hands this whole time.

I can make my life that much better, yet why won’t I? What is genuinely stopping me?

The only way I can get what I want is to finish what I start. No more stalling.

It’s now or never.


“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.