The 54th Deadline: Details

I get too fixated on the details. Well, in particular, the small details of something I try to get into during a given period.

Whether it is blogging or something else like video editing, I divert too much of my attention on stuff that shouldn’t matter. At least, it shouldn’t matter until the very end.

I have been taught in cooking that I should always cook with a “base.” Basically, when trying to find a comparison with this in life, it’s about having a foundation.

So let’s say I was making soup.

The base would be the soup itself, while the garnish would just be the thing you put in the end “to enhance it.” For me, I have a problem with getting so enamored with the details of the little things. The garnish gets too much attention.

So let’s say I am trying to practice video editing. Instead of just worrying about making a good video, I get too stuck on putting a cool effect or a watermark. That kind of stuff is nice, but it won’t mean jack in the end if the base isn’t there.

Details. Details. Details.

Time Limit

Like I said in another post the other day, “If you have time to rest, then you have time to become your best.” For me, I realize I have had too many lax moments. There are too many instances where I am just taking it easy when I know I could be inching my way forward toward a better future. A better tomorrow. An ideal tomorrow.

My life, as long as I can take a breath and go about my day, still lingers. I survive, but I don’t thrive. I need to snap out of my funk, accept the problem(s) and then the mystery as to why I have been “stuck” for so long.

I hate feeling trapped, anchored and just completely useless. I know I can do more. I know am capable of so much if I genuinely focus and put in the work.

I have to get the base done. The details will come after — that’s the plan, anyway.

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.