The 54th Deadline: Hacking Away

If there is something I am very good at, it’s hacking away (or at least to me, I think I am hacking away at something). Over the years, I have had to think of the biggest obstacle (well, metaphorically) in life is some giant “tree” that needs to topple down.

For me to get to where I need to be, to get over to the spot in life that is my ultimate destiny, this “tree” has to go. And thus, it is why I have been so adamant about hacking away.


A bit here.


A bit more here.


Hack. You get the idea…

It is a very slow, gradual and often frustrating process. Am I even putting a dent in this “tree?” Will it ever fall? Will I knock this sucker down once and for all?

Of course, I hope the eventual answer is a yes. I have been trying so darn hard over the years. I can’t wait any longer. My luxury to do so has been depleted. Long overdue. I need to do this for my own sake.

Every Hit Counts

Call it what you want. Call it the most challenging path. The tedious one. The exhausting one. The name is moot.

It’s MY path. I have to see it through. Even when I know hacking away this “tree” has tested me in so many ways, I just have to keep going at it.

Someday, eventually, I will be able to claim victory. I will be able to say, yeah, it was a real pain the ass, but here I am now. Go. Keep hacking. Don’t stop.

That is the only way to make sure you stand a damn chance in this world. Even if your progress seems small and insignificant, just remember that it all adds up.

At some point, everything will come together in the end.

Have faith. Hack away.

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.