The 54th Deadline: Hear My Voice

The 54th Deadline: Regardless of failure or success, you learn. Life grants people so many chances to get it right.

So I have begun one of my long-term ambitions for many years — to start YouTube stuff!

I’ll be frank — I have been super insecure about this whole process from the beginning.

What if I can’t make it big?

What if I don’t script things right?

What if I look like a giant joke? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Unless I get the ball rolling, I’ll never develop any momentum.

Most people are not going to get it right at the beginning, let alone master this kind of content creation without undergoing some trial and error. I cannot fixate on the results at this point when I should just instead focus on practicing. Practice, practice and more practice!

I hope I will figure this stuff out in due time. It is just important that I just start something and then build upon it! I want to look back down the road and be like, “Man, I sure have grown a lot since back then!”

“Hope is my catalyst.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.

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