The 54th Deadline: Jumbled Pieces

These past few years, I have always felt like my life has just been a jumbled mess. Every day, it is like I am just trying to pick up the pieces and strive, albeit slowly, to get the big picture put back together.

There are days where it is challenging. I have an idea of what the image will look like, but perhaps I have lacked the courage to see it all through in the end.

Ultimately, I want things to get better. I need them to, and I just can’t expect everything to shift magically back into place.

I already feel behind as heck on many fronts. I can’t afford to keep things dragging any further. Not at this pace. No. No way. That would be a disaster.

I want to keep looking for more ways to solve this puzzle. I want to make it all fit in the end. There has to be more to this than just doing this at such a snail’s pace. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?

A Long One to Solve

I wish I could just get some help here and there. Then again, everyone else has their own problems and respective life to worry about, so for me to keep asking for any more assistance makes me too embarrassed. I burned that bridge to cinders long ago.

To be fair, I didn’t know exactly what kind of help I wanted in particular. I just know that aid was what I was after, and it hurt a lot of friendships for me that, quite frankly, I wish I still had to my name to this day.

This puzzle… It won’t sit here and freeze time for me. That hourglass keeps draining. I need to solve this. Quickly.

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.