The 54th Deadline: Pursuing Perfection

Janis (Glow)

Art by Hans C. Chow

Over the years, one of the big ambitions that I have always wanted to pursue is being able to edit videos for the likes of YouTube. The mere idea of it excited me off and on, but I had lots of moments of discouragement for whatever reason. In particular, I got too scared of not being “good enough.”

This inferiority complex really put a damper on my ambitions to get the video-editing ball rolling. I picked up some equipment to video record here and there, I bought a few programs, I did research online, I did a lot of things and the willpower to keep at it faded again and again.

Like many other ambitions I have had, you can become your own worst enemy pretty fast. I studied all sorts of videos, trying to figure out how they did this or that, a neat transition, a funny sound effect, a different style of presentation and so forth. When it comes to video editing, it really does boil down to grabbing bits and pieces of what you like from other video concepts and combining them together to the best of your ability.

Lately, I have been trying my hand at video editing again. This particular itch just came up, so I have been trying to appease it by attempting this spiel once more.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This is a video I just put together. I have to say that this one took a long time to complete (15 minutes is a long time in video editing for those of you who don’t know). It’s far from perfect. I got bashed a lot by the game’s community for it (it’s a vicious community no less). I would appreciate it people could please check it out, like, share and subscribe. I hope to put a lot of time and energy into this YouTube channel once I really pick up the pace.

Tossing the hate aside, I know I could have done this video a bit better here and there. For one thing, the audio level fluctuates at parts, the transitions aren’t as crisp as I would like and I admit I just splashed in random art pictures because the video ended up too long.

Regardless, this video wasn’t made to get a high view count or anything like that. More than anything else, it was excellent practice.

By going through the motion of actually writing the script out, recording myself, laying out my audio onto the video editor’s timeline, rearranging this and that around until it was at least somewhat competent was, overall, ideal for me.

Long ago, I got too obsessed with the notion of being “perfect” that I ended up discouraging myself from trying.

How could I be good enough? I’ll never be at talented as x person! Well, with that attitude, yeah, you will just end up shutting the door in front of you instead of giving yourself the chance to see what was behind it if you were just a bit more daring.

Things won’t always be perfect. Things won’t always be fantastic (especially in the early goings).

I hope to make video editing, among various other interests, into something I can be proud of over time.

I won’t be stellar anytime soon, but I need to make sure I am striving to improve.

It’s the pursuit of perfection that matters at this point! You have to chase after what you want in life!

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.