The 54th Deadline: Sparks & More Sparks

Lately, I have been feeling “powerless” at my worst. It’s a strange thing to say when I realize a lot of real power is knowing you have both the capabilities and (more importantly) the willpower to make it happen.

I am constantly counting my blessings. I have a lot of things to my name that others can’t say they have. Things aren’t perfect, but things also aren’t the worst. As long as I can take a breath with these lungs of mine, I still can keep going. Forward. Forward. Always forward…

That’s the aim, anyway.

Jolts of Inspiration

I am always thinking of different ideas. I am always looking for that “spark” that will be “it.” They may not be all winners in this sense, yet I will never know unless I keep attempting to make them work.

Throw what I can at the wall. See what sticks. I don’t have the luxury of experimenting forever. I need to become bolder, braver and, above all else, more determined than ever to make all of this happen.

Sparks. More sparks. And more sparks on top of it all!

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.