The 54th Deadline: Written Record

One particular thing I am into these days is journal writing. As dorky as that sounds, it is something that has helped me a lot.

There is something about writing things by hand that is… It just brings me back to school days where everyone had to jot things down for class assignments. A regular notebook. A pen in hand… It’s nice in its own ways.

In this day and age full of so much tech, it feels great to do something a bit more old-fashioned. More often than not, I am just jotting random things down anyway: ideas, how I feel about the day, some plans for the future and so forth.

I guess the thing that makes me wonder is, above all else, is why I do such a thing.

Perhaps deep down I kind of wish someone could magically stumble across it like a diary. But the thing is, what real secret(s) will they find?

I have been far too cryptic in general about a lot of things. Not many people know… On the one hand, it certainly eases some of the thoughts and feelings I have by just hiding a bunch of things in these journal entries. Each day, a tidbit. Another piece to the puzzle…

Will I ever destroy these journals when I am through with them? Who knows… Until then, I’ll keep writing.

“Progress is perseverance.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.