Upbeat Feat: Jogging for Your Health

Upbeat Feat: In life, one must embrace each and every victory. Relish in positive moments whenever they occur.

Here is a thing about me — I am mediocre at exercise. But with this in mind, you can imagine what it was like when I decided, on a whim no less, to add jogging to my everyday routine. Yup, I have been on a self-improvement binge. Try and stop me now!

I even got new(ish) running shoes for the occasion.

So for my jog, I am going to start on the easy side to prepare my body for the long haul. I am going to run around the block, past the orchards near my place and then loop around until I end up at my home again. I plan on doing this for the first week. As I get more in shape, I will probably expand upon this routine and maybe run for a few more blocks. Baby steps. I don’t want to run a marathon before my body can handle just a loop around the block.

After finishing this particular jog today, the first of many more to come I hope, I feel great about it! It was a bit hard. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t jogged in a long time. Even when I dabbled in a bit of varsity soccer in high school, I have never been a great athlete. I sweated a lot, my chest hurt and I had to keep a slowish pace to get through it all. But I finished! I made it all around the block like I planned.

Nevertheless, combined with my morning walk and light exercise/stretching session in the morning, I should be well on my way toward a healthier version of myself in due time. Here is the thing. I spent so many years feeling “fat” that I hated my body. I have had poor self-esteem throughout my whole life about how my body looks.

I know there is a big fuss about body shaming people (it goes for both guys and girls), and I got weary of feeling like a target for such insults. I don’t expect to be a workout warrior after everything is said and done, but I want to feel confidence in myself. Having a decent-looking body just naturally builds up self-esteem.

For me, committing to this jogging routine is just a small step toward many for a better version of myself. That is the aim.

I feel very proud of myself for deciding on something so beneficial for my overall health and well-being.

“Hope is my catalyst.” — Nhan Pham

Originally published at The 54th Deadline.