Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

I honestly don’t know what to think about your article... I do understand you, I absolutely do... But. What you wrote is strictly one-sided.

I have also experienced men hooting or whistling at me but they are just a fraction of all men all over the world. For a clearer example, I keep my hair really short, what usually also causes me to hear many unpleasant comments and face disgusted looks - however unbelivable it sounds. I could compare those people to a group of silly girls shouting to see a handsome bloke on the street. Are those girls also sexist? You’re writing about thousands of looks at your atractive body but can you tell me that you had NEVER looked like that at anyone?

It just sounds like women sometimes tend to be a bit too sensitive when it comes to that topic. Our brains are too complicated for guys and remember that their minds work differently. You might perceive and remember the same situation in a completely different way…

And please just let me use your 'door example' this one last time - I know it’s about many other situations, but it’s just so convenient - did you think about these man’s experiences which caused him to act that way? Maybe he was taught by life that it is highly expected of him to open doors to every woman and so on? Just a remainder for you that most men repeat some behavioral patterns without much thinking about it, 'because it becomes’... Not saying it’s good because it might be about time to enlighten them - but as for me generalizations never do much good, where understanding someone’s intentions for this instance, does.

I’m not trying to defend those masses of half-witted human beings (or just ignorant people, I’m sorry to say for me it’s all the same) but just trying to explain that simple word or action can not become an offence, if you (the receiver) will not allow it to be. I’ve learned that in elementary school, btw.

To sum up: chill a bit and focus on giving peace and trying to create peace through understanding - lots of people forget about that and as a result we obtain arguments and wars.

Apologies for the language, there might be quite a few mistakes, I’m not native...

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