Digital Writing vs. Paper Writing

If one doesn’t think that writing for digital platforms differs in many ways from writing on paper, then something is wrong. In Writing for Digital Media, Carroll states, “Web users do not typically just read the content online, but are interactive with it”(31). I can relate to, being that I am a part of a generation that focuses on technology and using the web for almost any and everything nowadays. To be interactive online is to use hypertext, which is a text used to link topics related statistics by clicking on a link, which typically is highlighted or underlined, directing one to a different page containing similar information to the chosen topic. For example, check out Dr. Lucas’ syllabus. Unlike reading online, it isn’t possible to access a hypertext or to easily obtain more information about a certain topic from reading a traditional paper book, but having to go into depth of perhaps, going from book to book just to receive that additional information.

Reading and writing online compared to taking notes and reading a traditional book can be quite difficult. Having to sit in front of, typically a bright screen throughout the day, is mighty hard for the eyes to focus on. “The discomfort of reading via computer explains why Web users scan content rather than reading word for word” (Carroll 31). It’s straining to sit and stare at one object for so long, especially with hundreds of words, a bright screen, and well, impatience. Also, when dealing with digital writing, it is a must to be responsible for many links, tabs, and extra copies of work, patience, and effort. The good thing with online writing is that information is easily obtainable, writing flows well when typing on the keyboard, being able to add words or rid mistakes in a matter of seconds.

Taking notes while reading a book is painless and tranquil. I am able to open and close the book whenever without having to start up or shut down a system, also I am more likely to finish reading a traditional book, article, rather than reading online because I hate to sit in one spot for a long period of time. With traditional reading and writing, I can be mobile, taking my notebook/book with me wherever, whether it be the park, a coffee shop, or on a plane. Whereas writing digitally, I am limited to where I can express my inner author, not to say that I need different sceneries to write, but being a person with ADHD, it helps. I hope that writing online becomes as effortless as writing on paper.

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