Healthy Options When Eating Out

Since 2013, Nia Robles has served HW Tours and Cruises as vice president of global marketing and sales. When she’s not working, Nia Robles enjoys eating out, especially picking the healthier options, such as salads and fruits as well as tasty dishes in ethnic cuisines like Thai and Vietnamese.

Going out to eat is fun but can also be taxing, especially on the waistline. However, there are good options for the health-conscious at nearly every restaurant. Those looking for healthy dishes at Thai restaurants should turn to hot and sour shrimp soup (tom yum goong), which is both flavorful and low in calories, or cashew chicken, which offers healthy fats in the form of cashews. Vietnamese restaurant also offer tasty and low-cal dishes. Pho is a safe choice with delicious flavors and filling ingredients. Another good Vietnamese dish is bun, which is marinated pork, beef, or shrimp served over rice noodles and topped with nuts. Finally, those in the mood for Mexican cuisine should stick to half a portion of chicken enchiladas or a beef taco, which tend to have fewer calories and sodium than seafood alternatives.

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