90’s tv revisited

The 90’s and noughties brought us some groundbreaking and unforgettable television for its generation and now in the year 2016 some of these shows are set for a come back. 2016 is set to be the year of the remake/reboot with some our favourite shows from the past resurfacing bringing back some of our favourite stars. Here are some of the shows coming back to our screens this year.

The X files -

It was announced last year that the X files will return for a six- part miniseries this year bringing back Agent Moulder and Scully to our screens once again. The reboot aired in January to rave reviews from the viewing public, But left us wanting more. As the studio and the actors only agreed to an extra 6 episodes we have to wonder will there more to come from one of Sci fi’s favorite duo. The truth is out there people lets hope its for longer next time.

Image — movieweb.com

Fuller House

4 year old me was screaming when I first found out that Full House was being remade by Netflix. Fuller house aired on the streaming site in February and although its not the best thing you will watch this year it is by far the most nostalgic, especially if your a nineties kid like myself. All the faves are on board for the reboot (except the Olsen twins..tear) and yes John Stamos still fits perfectly into his Jesse jeans but I cant help but miss the long hair. you can watch all thirteen episodes right now on netflix.com.

Gilmore Girls

We all remember the theme tune….and now the much loved show of the noughties is back. Since the announcement of the reboot last December fans of the much loved show have been going nuts on social media proving that although the show hasn’t been on our screens since 2007 it still has an army of fans waiting patiently to see mother and daughter duo Lorelai and Rory back together again.

Lauren Graham on set of GG reboot Image courtesy of twitter.com

It has been confirmed however that much to the dismay of GG fans, Melissa Mc Carthy’s character Sookie will not return…tear. But this picture that surfaced during the week of Melissa with co star Yanic Trusdale who plays hotel concierge Michel in the series has fans thinking otherwise. Could Sookie be back? The caption that followed the pic shot down these rumors straight away but fans still remain hopeful that a cameo from the star may be in the works.

Yanic Trusdale and Melissa Mc Carthy Image coutesy of instagram.com

The show has already started filming and is set for release on netflix later this year. Get those singing pipes at the ready because we all know the theme tune will be stuck in our heads from word go “If you’re out on the road ,Feeling lonely, and so cold…”

Cruel Intentions

It was the movie that shaped a generation and made us all want to tap into our devious side and now American Tv giant NBC have confirmed that they have green lit the production of a tv series of the 1999 cult classic. Social media has played a huge part again in creating a buzz around the show and we’ve already learned that the queen of 90’s Sarah Michelle will reprise her role as the evil master mind Kathryn Merteuil.

Kathryn Merteuil GIF Image courtesy of reblogger.com

The star has been sharing some behind the scenes teasers via her Instagram and has been seen dawning the characters signature brown locks. There is no definite release date for the reboot but here’s hoping its soon rather than later.

Cruel Intentions 2016 script posted by Sarah Michelle Geller Image via Instagram.com

Honourable mentions

Prison Break:

yes! the Scofield bros are back. All four seasons of the hit US show are on Netflix.com now so there is no excuse why everyone isn’t caught up by the time the reboot comes around.

Image — tv.com

The Notebook:

There have been rumors since last year that american television is turning the classic film into a tv series. There is no cast yet confirmed but heres hoping this is and actual thing…Allie and Noah forever.

Noah and Allie the notebook image courtesy of Giphy.com

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