Case Study: The Yogscast

Duel makes interacting with our community so much easier and saves us a lot of time.” Mike Fleming, Marketing Manager, The Yogscast


Yogscast produces gaming related video content to their YouTube channel, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon, which is currently approaching 3.5 billion views. Yogscast’s popularity establishes the brand as Britain’s largest gaming channel, making it vital for them to constantly engage with their fans. In order to help the Yogscast team communicate with their growing audience in a more fun way, they use Duel to run regular decision polls and competitions with their fans.

Polling Campaign Aims:

  • Interact with their audience in a new, engaging way
  • Gain valuable feedback on what their fans want
  • Drive online merchandise sales

How Did Duel Reach These Aims?

Yogscast ran Duel polls to allow their fans to vote between their favorite merchandise and designs. These polls within Duel were easily shared across all of the Yogscast’s social media channels, and at the end led participants to visit the brand’s online merchandise store.

One of The Yogscast’s merchandise Duel polls
We get a better return using Duel.Mike, Marketing Manager, The Yogscast.


By using Duel polls, Yogscast was able to generate participation amongst their customers across all social media channels. The polling campaign alone drove significant traffic to the Yogscast online merchandise store.

  • 3,056 poll participants
  • 85% CTR
  • 25.5% conversion to an online store

Competition Campaign Aims:

Yogscast wanted to interact with their community on social media by asking their fans to create and submit funny flag designs for the three teams participating in their ‘Yogscast Sports Day’. The winning flag for each team was also going to be used at their Insomnia 58 live show.

  • Drive fun UGC from their fans
  • Promote their upcoming event
Promotion of Duel competition on Facebook


By using Duel for this competition, Yogscast was able to collect and use a lot of fun user generated content to promote their event. This led to a higher amount of engagement across their social media channels as well as traffic to the online ticket store.

  • Over 8,000 total visits on Duel competition pages
  • 184 total unique flag submissions
  • 59% average conversion to the online ticket store
“We have used other tools to do similar things but Duel is much easier to use and looks so much more professional. It’s a great tool.” Mike, Marketing Manager, The Yogscast
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