Why is God unfair-Life of Vivek [Short Story] [Part 1]

It was a usual summer afternoon. As the clock struck three, 15-year-old Vivek entered home after a long day at school (Gurukul). Bursting with anger, he threw his khaki bag on the floor. He sat in a corner and shouted, “Why did I lose this time again? I had done everything in my control”, as if questioning the divine. No one replied.

Although, Vivek and Parth Rao studied in the same class, their statures were astronomically different. Parth was the son of the reigning King while Vivek was the son of a middle-class charioteer. The King believed in equality of education and encouraged his son to study in the same school as the rest of the kingdom. Even though Parth tried to befriend Vivek, but for him, Parth was no more than a silver spoon kid who got everything he ever needed and much more laid on his feet. What does he even know about the struggles of normal people, he thought every time he saw Parth. And how did Parth win all the academic competitions like the current one? Vivek seemed to have cracked the answer for that as well — the teachers are probably just partial to King’s son.

Several years went by and as destined, Parth was nominated to be the King while Vivek was handed over the family chariot. On the day of coronation, fuming with rage Vivek shouted to the ground under his feet and to the sky, “Enough of this insult and enough of this unfairness. What ability does he have to be my king?”. He immediately left the kingdom leaving his chariot behind. Vivek walked day and night for months till he reached an opulent big city far away where no one knew about the existence of his kingdom. Vivek decided to start a new life here.

In the city, Vivek indulged in all the pleasures of life, used tactics to expand his business at the same time saved money. As the years passed by, from his learnings and education at the kingdom, he became a very popular businessman, but the thought that Parth got to be the King just from the virtue of his birth never left his mind. Why is the life so unfair?, he questioned silently. a decade, when he had accumulated enough money to buy Parth Rao’s kingdom, Vivek decided to return home.

[To Be Continued…]

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