The Time I Wrote My First College Essay

My Cornerstone professor wanted us to write out a Narrative story of the time where we were connected with technology and how much of an impact it had in our everyday lives. When I heard those words come out of her mouth, I reminisced about the time I was addicted to a video game called Halo 3. I unfortunately remember the time that I yelled at my aunt and made her cry. I knew what happened exactly that day. From the clothes that I wore to the emotions that poured out from my aunt and I to the game type I played during the event since it was a life changing experience. It was very easy to type out the whole story since I remember the detail fully in my memory. Since it was easy, it did not take long to type it out. It ended up being roughly an hour when I finished my story. Some of the strengths in my essay would have to be my thesis statement because it tells the audience what I am going to be talking about in my story. I also think that I did an excellent job in my details, since no one has ever been in my shoes and can spill out better detail. However, there were some weaknesses that I had with this assignment. I had some problems with relating my story events to the book, Ready Player One, but once I heard from my professor that we didn’t have to do that part of the assignment, I felt relieved. So that removed one of my weakness. Another weakness I had was that I couldn’t finish a conclusion correctly and end on a good note. Fortunately, my classmate mentioned to me that I should summarize what I wrote about and conclude with a life lesson learned.

What I learned about this project is that anything negative you do in your life has a possibility of being a positive. You have the choice to turn it all around and change yourself, and that is the advantage I took and I do not regret it at all making that decisions. I also learned that I’m not an expert on writing papers. If I was going to do this assignment all over again, then I would tell another story of my addiction when my dad got involved. If there was a writing assignment similar to this, it would be much easier because I would know the format on how to write it. Hopefully I do something like this in the future again, mostly because it was MY story and I had the power to put down what I wanted to, and the ability to control what I write to tell my story.

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