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2 min readNov 24, 2022


We are glad to inform you that you can now log in to NichoNFT through third-party social media accounts! Thanks to Web3auth’s open-source SDK, more ordinary users can easier join the world of Web 3.0.

The user can log in to the third-party account on the page linked to the wallet by selecting the Social Media button. In this account, users can still perform all functions such as mint, trade or claim token rewards, which is not much different from normal Metamask login users.

However, before using the new function, users need to notice the following details:

1. When the user successfully logs in to Nicho through Social media function, they need to view and check their wallet public key on My NFT page.

2. $BNB needs to be deposited into the account for trading, minting and claiming rewards. At present, Web3auth does not provide the function of directly recharging crypto, so it is necessary to complete the deposit via copying the public key to some third-party platform or via wallet transfer, for example, MoonPay: https://www.moonpay.com/buy
This is temporary, we will access some more convenient deposit platform APIs in the future to improve the better user experience.

3. At present, the Social Media account is only provided basic functions on the Nicho platform. The user is not able to use it on other Dapps, and we still working on the transfer function, which means currently are not able to transfer out your assets, and more functions will be developed in the future, stay tuned.

4. The private key of the user is stored in the Web3auth database. If you have any asset problems or questions, you can directly contact : https://web3auth.io/contact-us.html.

Nicho is only a service provider, and we keep trying to be responsible for the safety of users’ assets as much as possible.

5. If you have any questions during use, please contact the Nicho development team (https://t.me/NichoNFT) or (https://t.me/web3auth).



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