Make Social Media Work for You


Over the past five years, brands have experienced profound changes and developments in digital marketing tactics, tools, and consumer behavior.

Once upon a time, the customer purchasing funnel was extremely linear. First, there was a push of information across paid. Second, to garner consideration — and more customer details — owned and earned channels delivered engaging experiences. Finally, some content or communication would be sent to close the customer conversion loop.

Today’s entire marketing landscape is different. Customers are no longer corralled along a path or respond on queue to your ads and planned communication. Today they proactively connect with your brand through research and on social media, via word of mouth from the people they know, trust, or simply admire. The new brand experience touchpoints are a combination of your advertising and your customers love of your brands and products, which comes through in their testimonials, photos, videos, and status updates.

Brands Become Publishers

You’ve heard it before “Content is King” and to stay relevant, and top of mind during the customer journey brands should regularly publish customer value content. As you know, it takes time and budget to create a torrent of branded photos, videos, and articles, and then publish, email, and track them throughout your disparate digital, social, and communication channels. In this new non-linear customer journey, what brand is guaranteed to know which pieces and what types content will build awareness and convert fans into customers? In this new integrated marketing era, where content is still king, campaign and brand success is about the right content, aggregated and displayed in the right place, and at the right time.

Capturing and leveraging user-generated content from various touch points is a logical way for brands to tame and master the content beast. Articulate a brand experience and tell a story by mixing your branded campaigns with customer generated content like photos, videos, comments, and testimonials.

Drive people back to your website

A customer journey that starts on social media doesn’t need to stay there. While you definitely want to meet your audience where they are — standing in line at the grocery store, checking apps, and sharing photos in real time from a live event — there are more opportunities for new customer acquisition and current customer retention when you migrate your audience to your website. Get them there and keep them there by delivering a personalized brand experience; display the best of what your fans and followers are hashtagging and turn your brand’s website into the destination in the customer journey. In a world where content is king, authenticity reigns supreme. Fire up dynamic and fan-stoked excitement as part of your marketing campaign and watch your conversions soar.

Own your customer’s experience

You’ve already spent money to acquire fans and followers; now it’s time to show some return on your investment. By picking and choosing the best branded and user-generated content to support your brand’s look and feel you’re setting for new paths to customer acquisition. Strengthen and extend the reach of the marketing campaign for a new product by applying your brand’s style guide to graphics and videos created by satisfied customers. Build a branded community with the best of what followers are creating and hashtagging about any product or event. Create space for updates, benefits, and ways for customers to stay informed while increasing the time spent on the site, lowering bounce rates, and connecting products with shopping carts.

While social media has allowed for amazing customer communications, for many marketers it’s been an especially hard channel to capitalize. Incorporating social content aggregation into your brand’s integrated marketing planning, and creating and managing a Media Wall for one year costs less than one month of social advertising spend. Navigating the customer journey is once again in your hands — and, it’s inexpensive, manageable, and easy.