How to Start a Company with a Text Message

2009 was a common year that started on a Thursday. It was a typical winter, filled with friendship, intimate Lady Gaga (from before she was really Lady Gaga) shows and late night holiday banner ad creation for various and un-named major retailers. By the time Spring rolled around, one of us was laid off from a multinational public advertising agency. Another set off to mix it up a bit in Brooklyn and the other two were idling the days away laughing at ima let you finish jokes while budgets shrank and really good and innovative creative work had all but disappeared.

Fast forward 5 really short years and humans were literally glued to their screens. They woke up to water their digital crops and they consumed blog, video and other content at an insane rate. They couldn’t remember where they saw it online, but they saw it and they probably wouldn’t admit if they hadn’t.

So by the time you have an inkling that what you are doing isn’t going to fulfill you for the rest of your life, you will have logged a billion hours of face time with your old friend, the internet. You will have watched your desktop become your laptop become your tablet and most importantly, your mobile phone.

Your brain will be at the point of implosion with the URLs you’ve visited and the wikipedia entries and buzzfeed articles you’ve devoured. And then things will become clear. You will be able to focus on one simple thought and it will be right. You will begin to re-iterate simple phrases again and again. Simple messages that resonate and that inspire you.

Joyce got a new job — in detroit.
Joyce wonders where those birds flew off to now.
Joyce wishes those kids well.
Joyce can feel it in her bones.
Joyce practically sprung out of bed today.

You will never sit down and think about what you should name said creative collective, because it will have always been JOYCE. It will be a great name for a brand. It won’t have a business plan, but it will mean business.It won’t be an advertising agency, a marketing firm, a digital shop or innovation business. But it will mean business. It will just be JOYCE and there won’t be one way to describe what that means. The people who follow, get it though. They will follow and collaborate and drop by year after year because JOYCE will be thinking about the future way before the future is now. They can trust that.

If your palms start to sweat when you think about having to cobble together a mobile app that you know your company does not need, then trust your glands. Trust your head when it wants to explode because your boss is telling you to make a website that replicates a physical book. You know like a leather bound book. And when your heart and your instincts tell you to use Cooper Black, then for the love of web safe fonts, please use Cooper Black. If you let what is inside lead you, then you really can’t go wrong, because in all theory, it should work. IT BETTER FUCKING WORK. Because at this point, there really isn’t any going back.