Moving Beyond Demographics

A recent article from Marketing Tech talks about how the fundamentals of marketing are changing with the advancement of time and technology. Something we have all heard before. But what exactly does this mean for marketers? A change of mind and maybe a change of heart.

Generation C, a new cohort, is not defined by age as is common in more well known marketing practices. Think of terms like Generation X and Generation Y. Uniquely, Generation C is defined by their habits and interests rather than simply the time they were born. The dynamics of this group according to the article require a fundamentally different approach. Instead of the classic faceless and perfected non-personalized content of the past, the writer argues Generation C needs a more imperfect human feeling. Something I think many companies will have trouble adapting to. Why? Because many companies do not want to take on the risks that come with a more personable approach. However, those that manage these risks will undoubtedly find themselves among the leaders in this brave new world of marketing.