One day

One day you’re going to call me, just because we haven’t talked in so long you’ ve forgotten what my laugh sounds like, but i won’t answer. One day you are going to text me, explaining that you realize now you messed up by putting me to the side and always expecting me to be there just waiting and telling me how much you miss me, but i won’t reply. One day you are going to pass me maybe at the super market or maybe walking down the street and you’ll stop me and tell me how good i look and you’ll ask me how i’ve been.

You’ll tell me how much you’ve thought about me since the last time we ever spoke. You’ll ask me why i never talked to you again. And i’ll simply say: “All those times i was there, waiting for you. Listening to you talk about others. Listening to you talk about how happy you were with life, but when you were sad you would never tell me why. I was just tired. Tired of always been there when you seemed to not care, if i was there or not. Tired of trying to get you to be as interested in me, as i was you, and tired of trying to get you to open up to me just a little.

I wanted you so damn bad. It’s not my fault your feelings came in too late. It’s not my fault you wanted me when i was done waiting you. I’m sorry you didn’t love me when i loved you.