5 Organic Beer Brands You Should Try Now

5 min readJul 25, 2018

If you want to live a healthier life but still enjoy a drink or two, why don’t you try an organic beer that many fans claim even tastes better?

In case you wonder beer and geeks go hand in hand (add 🍔 and 🍟 and you’ll have a win-win combination for all parties involved).

I love beer 🍺. I don’t like to get drunk as hell with it. I like to enjoy a glass here and there. To sip it slowly and enjoy the taste.

When someone says healthy, the first thing you think about probably isn’t beer. Although it’s made from various types of grains, which are mostly healthy, it also contains pesticides and other additives either to improve the taste or its longevity. That is why more and more people are going for an organic beer that is much healthier and, according to some, a lot tastier.

But where do I start I hear you ask?

Well, to help you get going, I took upon myself to go out in the wild and do comprehensive research on organic beer. YES, it is a hard and dirty job, but some had to do it.

The result is here, with these top 5 organic beer brands you should try before the end of days.

Eel River Brewery

We’ll start things off with one of the pioneers of organic brewing here in the USA, the Eel River Brewery. They were the first certified manufacturer of organic beers in the entire USA and continue to be at the top of the chain. Their offer includes five distinct type of beers to fit your every need. There’s the light and aromatic Acai Berry wheat beer with 4% alcohol. Then there’s a bit stronger 5% organic fruit-flavored Amber beer with just a touch of sweet caramel. The dark brown Porter and light California Blonde with 5.8% are just enough for a great night out, but if you need something stronger, there’s always the magnificent Organic India Pale Ale with 7.2%. Try them all out and see which beer fits your personality.

Pinkus-Muller Brewery

If anyone knows about good beer, it’s the Germans. They’ve been brewing since the beginning of time (not literally), so when they offer quality beer, you just go ahead and take it. One of the best organic breweries out there is undoubtedly Pinkus-Muller whose long tradition guarantees a great and original taste. There is also something quite special about the fact that it’s a long-lasting family business, meaning that the secret recipes stay carefully guarded within the same family throughout the generation. To feel the real traditional value of the Pinkus taste, you should try their organic altbier (which translates to old beer), especially the unfiltered version which carries that old German ingenuity within.

Butte Creek Brewery

Despite the somewhat unfortunate name, Butte Creek Brewery is actually quite an exceptional organic beer manufacturer. Their main webpage quite modestly states that it’s the official beer of planet Earth, so how can you not try it? Truth be told, this title mainly comes from the fact that their products are environment-friendly, pesticide-free and overall better for your health. This is because they use only organic barley and hops to make various tasty beverages like the organic version of the famous Pilsner beer. Of course, there are also the usual IPA and Porter, so you can choose your favorite and enjoy the natural, tastier version. And try not to laugh at the name.

Peak Organic Brewery

Peak Organic Brewery is all about the promotion of local ingredients, of course, organic. Its creator Jon Cadoux was nothing short of a visionary when it comes to organic beer. This Portland-based brewery sends good vibrations with every beer they make and you can feel it with every gulp. Their bestseller is probably the Evergreen IPA, a strong, 7% beer that besides hops contains juniper berries and spruce to create a unique flavor you’ll love. Of course, if you’re not into the heavy stuff, you can just grab the joyfully named Happy Hour whose light taste is perfect for a casual night out. We would also recommend the seductively dark Hop Noir that is perfect with a piece of good cheese or some grilled vegetables.

Lakefront Brewery

Now, for people who like to keep their options open, Lakefront Brewery offers a wide variety of beverages, both organic and non-organic, as well as gluten-free ones. The story of Lakefront is a story of two brothers with the pure love for beer and a desire to create something of their own. Back in 1987, Jim and Russ Klisch started Lakefront Brewery and invented a number of unique beer flavors they became known for. If you get the chance, you should first try the Organic Belgian White beer as the Lakefront version will astound you with its light and crispy taste. Since they already have that option, you should also try their innovative gluten-free beers like the pilsner called New Grist.

Have you tried organic beer yet? Are you going to grab one after reading this article? We’re starting to get a bit thirsty now aren’t we?

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