If you’re asking how we persuade the Brexity Trumpkins — you’re asking the wrong question
Mike Hind

Agree with every word, Mike Hind. Thank you for the post.

My additions

  1. We can usefully adapt the values-frame developed by Chris Rose et.al to identify those who need to be mobilised/swung over. In Rose’s Three World model, it was key “Prospector” types such as ‘Golden Dreamers’ to whom no positive, success-oriented messages, identities, and images were offered. I agree that swinging them to our side will not be achieved by a ‘fact-offensive’/ ‘educate on EU benefits’ or ‘scare them’ strategy. Rather an appeal to identities and values- delivered by credible embodiments of them. (Does Branson fit the bill in appealing here?)
  2. The Core Brexit voters (Kippers+ hard right Conservatives, e.g. Hannan, Gove, Redwood, IDS) are unpersuadable and I agree for us should be ‘ignored’. We should not waste time trying to engage them, merely oppose them.
  3. Our core was not sufficiently mobilised, e.g the weak turnout of younger voters versus 65+ That was partly caused by a very poor campaign and strategic approach (i.e. a re-run of 90’s ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’)
  4. We need to find campaign strategists the equal and better of Elliot and Cummings. They had been preparing and practising a long time. The AV referendum and Elliot’s Taxpayers’ Alliance gave him plenty of learning room. Cummings- as you rightly note — has been sharpening his campaigns feverishly for years.
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