PRODUCT REVIEW — The Blast-o-Ball is a Little Costly, but SO FUN!

You have to try it, it’s exhilarating. But DO NOT push the little button.

The moment you hold Blast-o-Ball in your hands, you feel like a frikkin badass. You look cool, your friends will all agree. But the real fun is throwing Blast-o-Ball! It will make you feel like Superman, like you’ve got V6 engine in your bicep! I have participated in many recreational activities, but few are as exhilarating as throwing Blast-o-Ball.

You will never really understand how much fun Blast-o-Ball is until you try it. Which you can do at a number of locations throughout America. Of course, it’s not cheap. At $700, Blast-o-Ball is more expensive than most recreational tools. But man, is it fun!

Now, one caveat, Blast-o-Ball can be used as a bomb. Of course, it isn’t intended to be used that way, but it can be. I mean, there’s a little button on it that makes it explode, but it’s very clearly marked and it’s highly illegal to use Blast-o-Ball to kill people. I mean, of course it is! Who would do that!? Yes, several people have used to Blast-o-Ball in acts of terrorism, but as long as you don’t push that button, you’re all good.

Now, yeah, it seems a little dangerous to sell a product that is a bomb to absolutely anyone who has $700. But it’s REALLY fun. I mean, if you haven’t tried it you won’t understand. So maybe we just shouldn’t sell it to people who are suspected terrorists or convicted criminals. But my concern is, if you start to regulate who can and can’t buy the Blast-o-Ball, that someday no one will be able to buy Blast-o-Ball. Maybe the government would even come and take my Blast-o-Ball which, as I’ve previously mentioned, I really like!

And that’s exactly how it is in other countries! There are so many countries that deny their citizens the excitement of owning a Blast-o-Ball because there are a few people who have used their Blast-o-Balls as bombs. Look, those are very sad incidents my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and disabled, but the Blast-o-Ball is REALLY fun.

And, in any case, if someone wants to kill a bunch of people, they’ll figure out a way. They could do it with or without a readily-available, $700 bomb!

Blast-o-Balls are really frikkin’ fun, and America is a free country. People who tell you that Blast-o-Balls should be illegal simply don’t understand how much fun I have while playing with my Blast-o-Ball. At $700, several dozen lives per year, and long-lasting scars on our national psyche, the cost is pretty steep, but…it’s REALLY fun.