You awake and it’s dead silent. It’s pitch black and it’s cold. You try to move, and you can — freely except you can’t see anything nor can you feel anything really other than some slight pressure from the outside of what you think is some sort of suit. Whatever that outside is, you don’t know. You’re exhausted, but this is the first time you’ve awaken and you have no idea where you are at, but suddenly tired. A minute or two goes by, but truly how long is it really? The concept of time eludes you due to circumstance. You have no watch, at least you can’t feel one on your wrist and it’s dark. A momentary lapse of reason is only valid if you can have sound reasoning to compare it to, and at this moment the only things you know are silence, darkness, cold and tired. Suddenly, you feel tired. You fall asleep.

You’re awake again, at least you feel your eyes open and blinking but it doesn’t matter since you can’t see anything. It’s still cold, still dark, and you are still in a suit and who located who knows where. You suddenly have a panic attack and start kicking, screaming and flailing your arms around using all the strength you can summon, suddenly you are tired again, and moments later you fall asleep.

You dream of grasslands, clouds, wide open spaces you also think of crisp air, streams filled with water and…

You’re awake again. You feel your eyes open and you are blinking, your moving your arms around and feel tenderness and sore around your left inner elbow but realize all that freaking out probably strained your muscles. You begin moving your arms and legs, slowly trying to feel around. Nothing. You can’t tell if you are actually moving or just sitting still in a void. You start talking to yourself “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS” and then suddenly, just as fast as you awaken, you fall asleep.

Pictures of streams with water are heard, nature sounds of birds, trees rustling noises in the breeze, it’s very calming. You are acutely aware of these dreams, and think “I can just stay here, anything is better than where the hell I’m at when I’m awake” and suddenly, you’re awake. You feel your eyes open, still can’t see anything. You begin to move slowly, trying to turn your head which you succeed at, but not like there is anything to look at. You stop moving completely and are concentrating. You you hear a very low, deep thud. Just once. You start panicking….suddenly….tired….so tired.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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