Open Source Everything’s objective is to implement transparency, truth, and trust across all boundaries.

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Table of Contents:

Social Cohesion is lacking

  • Trust is at an all-time low
  • Civic Engagement is at an all-time low

Consilience from Weberian Organization

  • Epoch A
  • Systems Thinking & Information Pathologies
  • Complex Threats to Humanity and the Earth
  • Epoch B

Open Source Everything

  • “Put enough eyeballs on it, no bug is invisible & The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.”
  • OSINT & the Burundi Exercise
  • M4IS2 and The Human Brain
  • Open Source Everything
  • Open Source Pyramid

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Audio (2 episodes…

The Overview is a weekly roundup of eclectic content in-between essay newsletters & “Conversations” podcast episodes to scratch your brain’s curiosity itch.

This week’s theme is “Law Enforcement & Policing in the United States”

Hello Eclectic Spacewalkers,

I wish that you and your family are safe and healthy wherever you are in the world. :)

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Below are some eclectic links for the week of August 5th, 2020.

This week’s theme is “Law Enforcement & Policing in the United States”

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Table of Contents:

  • Articles via LA Times, CNN,, OneZero, NBC News, Commonweal Magazine, The New Republic, TIME Magazine, Foreign Affairs, Axios, ProPublica, Public Discourse, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, FiveThirtyEight, TruthOut, The Nation, DISSENT Magazine, NY Mag, VICE News, The Intercept, Vulture, and Midwest…

It’s been one year since I transitioned Eclectic Spacewalk to a Substack newsletter, created the “Conversations” podcast on Anchor & YouTube, and started a production company to film around the world!

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Table of Contents

  • A lot can happen in a year!
  • Conversations podcast
  • ES Productions
  • E-Book is out now. Use “substack” to get your FREE copy!
  • Donations make the Eclectic Spacewalk world go round
  • What’s Next

Hey Eclectic Spacewalkers,

A lot can happen in a year! July 2019 saw the creation of my Substack newsletter and the reinvention of Eclectic Spacewalk.

Two years previous, in June 2017, I needed a creative outlet to express all the practical knowledge I was coming across from keeping my journalistic ear to the pavement on intriguing, useful, and fringe ideas to the layman. I called my monthly Medium posts “Eclectic Spacewalk” and a “deep links aggregator.” You can look through the pre-newsletter archive: HERE. …



We live in the greatest time Humanity has ever experienced. Let’s start acting like it!

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