Mars will soon be home to human cities — Now you can help crowdfund the first city’s design.

A Kickstarter campaign is gaining exposure in trying to create the blueprints for the first Martian city.

“We put together a competition this past year that brought together the brightest minds in engineering, architecture, and design. The results were unexpectedly amazing and it inspired us to open up the conversation with a workshop. Our jury member have selected the best innovative designs. In this workshop, the selected teams will collaborate with aerospace engineers, cultivate those designs and develop technological solutions.”

Mars City Design is an organization based in LA that aims to design sustainable cities for Mars colonization before any human actually steps foot on the red planet. They have created a Power Lab workshop for all finalists to create working prototypes and confer with industry experts about their projects. To help with travel and operational costs of the workshop, Mars City Design created a Kickstarter campaign named “A City on Mars.”

“Student category contestants come from MIT, CMU, Ballstate University, University of Virginia and University of Manchester in the UK, Math & Engineering School in Bucharest, and School of Urban Design in Turkey. We also have local and international professionals from different fields; agricultural, innovation, architecture, urbanism, math and engineering. We aim to build the winning prototypes, by 3D printing and testing them in their real scale in Mojave Desert, within the next 3 years.”

If you are interested in space, design, or mars this is a project for you to get behind. You can find more information and back this ambitious campaign here:

“You can join us by becoming our backers, and meet our great selected design teams, and our speakers from NASA JPL, some private aerospace companies, experts from Purdue University and Buzz Aldrin Space Institute. This unique workshop will be hosted at the new space freshly built at the University of Southern California (USC), on September 15–28th, 2016.”

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