Choosing a VoIP Service Provider — 4 Things You Are Ignoring!

There is an abundance of providers out there, each trying to outsell its competitor, promoting itself as the best possible option. Choosing a VoIP telecom brand can be confusing. In fact, for businesses this decision is critical yet overwhelming. The solution lies in depending on a VoIP provider or telecom solutions provider. These are regional specialists, often with cross-continental approach, that bundled and deliver the best of VoIP packages for individuals and businesses. In this discussion, we are going to concentrate on how you choose a VoIP for your business. We are targeting SMEs and medium-sized corporations that often find confusion in comparing different VoIP solution providers, wasting time and money on annual renewals and unwarranted analysis of the services rendered.

How is this conversation structured?

VoIP providers understand the importance of high-quality calls to help businesses maintain their competitiveness. They require trustworthy VoIP solutions that are omnipresent and deliver without any snags. This is why virtual, hosted VoIP solutions like VoIP on the cloud-based platform is considered a better choice. All leading carriers realize this and are offering bundled VoIP solutions for call centers and BPOs too. From simple to complex, a VoIP provider should be able to provide smart solutions that blend innovation, management and scalability without hurting the pocket. Telecom companies repackage and reposition their solutions every season, often doing it multiple times during a financial year. It is difficult for a business owner to keep track of this and identify the profitability that an upgraded or new VoIP solution offers. Again, it is your relationship with a VoIP cloud service provider that ensures you get the best of voice solutions with a distinct pricing advantage. However, choosing a VoIP provider is not easy. You need to be careful about a few issues that are beyond the basic parameters of selection. This includes:

1. Bad or Manufactured Reviews

Most industry insiders will tell you that telecom or brand reviews are being manufactured these days. This is happening by the bulk. Just consider this — how many business owners or consumers using the VoIPtechnology will actually take the time to put in a detailed review with properly structured sentences, punctuation and make it sound like a brand upselling copy? The chances are between nil to negligible. If you find your VoIP service provider’s brand spread across various online channels in this way, suspect. Be wary of such providers as they might have a nexus with regional carriers to capture unsuspecting consumers and then create smartly concealed billing platforms or under-serve the promised features of the packaged deal. Authentic reviews are found on top review sites where the actual service record and contract are demanded by the publishing platform. Either search for such authentic reviews or just dump the idea of being review-driven.

2. No Amenity for E-911 Services

Any VoIP service provider having an interconnection with PSTN is required to have E-911 — is a surcharge required by the government. This is a legal liability. If the provider says that he cannot give you E-911 service and waive the fee then he is simply jumping the law. Unless all your business is handled via Google, Skype, WhatsApp or some other regulation-proof brand, you definitely need the E-911 in place. Being a local business, you don’t want to flout local bylaws and engage financial penalties.

3. Stay away from a Cable Company

Cable companies have little incentives for you, which is not a good choice for an expanding enterprise. No cable company can compete with cutting edge features and facility of integrating other major services such as social media and automated CRM tools like a true managed IT service provider. Every enterprise targets for the best deal it can get. VoIP providers put across best negotiating deals but realize one fact — what is quoted and what can be finally billed are two entirely different stories. Some telecom providers will undersell their product just to dilute the loyalty of a competing brand. Collaborate with your VoIP provider to find a trusted carrier that is offering the biggest pricing advantage.

4. Demand the Latest

Your chosen VoIP provider should be selling telecom solutions that come equipped with the best in routing capabilities. You want a diversely networked provider who can provide customized VoIP packages to help you choose the option most relevant for your business. This might include options like dialer termination services or dedicated platforms for international calling with a few free hours mixed in the blend. Try to identify a VoIP solution that comes with the best of routing competencies without doubting the provider about over-billing and hidden costs. is the leading VoIP solution provider in California, on route to consuming a major chunk of the North American telecom service industry. It is a progressive company that offers customized Big Data and Cloud Computing services, ensuring your business is equipped with the expertise required to stay afloat and thrive in the emerging, disruptive digital landscape. To get a quick answer to your queries, call (888) 509–1197.