Prince Charming and a Gentlemen

Do you remember reading bedtime stories on how the princess was saved by the dashing prince on a white horse? You were made to believe she could only be saved by her one true love’s kiss. From a young age, these stories taught you that you needed that handsome prince to save you from the wicked witch.

Fast forward, now you’re in your 20’s and find yourself asking where is your prince, when will he arrive to swift you off your feet? You think buying the perfect dress and the right shoes will lead you to prince charming, you know like how Cinderella’s life was forever changed with one glass slipper. So the weekend comes around and you find yourself putting on your little black dress, red lipstick, and your high heels. Your idea of the ball becomes the local bar, and your idea of prince charming becomes the guy sitting next to you in the crowded bar. He keeps buying you shots all night while he strikes up some petty conversation to act like he’s interested in hopes he gets a one night stand with you. You so hopeful and wanting to believe this guy could be interested in something more then just a quick casual hook up decides to go along with it. Too many drinks later and some flirty gestures from both parties leads to you inviting him over. Surely, if he’s the guy for you he will enjoy some deep conversation after a night out and just come over to hang out at your place. WRONG.

Then next morning you wake up with nothing more then a headache from hell and mascara running down your cheeks. You like to tell yourself he left early in the morning to go to work but will text shortly with a good morning, but we all know the truth too well. He isn’t going to because he’s not the prince charming you need, much less want. So you’re feeling shameful of how the night turned out and think to yourself, how can this happen again? He seemed so interested. Interested enough that he didn’t even get your number much less your last name.

You’re beating yourself up over it and look in the mirror and ask, why doesn’t anyone see me as more? Where is my prince charming that’s going to save me from all the peasant boys? You start doubting yourself; your looks, your confidence, and even who you are. See you allow these boys to make you feel like you’re not good enough for the simple fact they don’t call, they don’t take you out, much less care to know who you really are.

Many of us, feel we need a prince charming to save the day and to make life better. That we’re hopeless and helpless without him. From an early age, these storybooks told us this. Yes, we’re adults we should know better but what the heart and the brain tell you are often two different things.

Truth is, you don’t need prince charming. READ THAT AGAIN. You do not need prince charming. What you need is a gentlemen. One who opens doors for you, one who listens to you have an uproar about your crazy day, one who texts to say hey hope your day is going well, or makes pizza with you at 2 am because you’re hungry and want pizza. What you need is someone who compliments your life, not someone who complicates it.

See there’s a difference in a prince charming and a gentlemen. Prince Charming thinks he can get away with giving you little attention to ensure he can give you a kiss and then some. A gentlemen however, will be there long after the magical kiss is gone. He will be your best friend, and favorite grocery shopping buddy. But until you find the gentlemen for you, stop wasting time kissing different Prince Charmings in hopes they are your true love. Get to know you first so when a gentlemen comes, you’ll know what you want and won’t settle for some random guy at a the bar because he bought your favorite drink and said you looked pretty. Life isn’t a fairytale so prince charming isn’t coming to save you, but your gentlemen will meet you one day when you’re busy living and love your life but instead of a magical kiss, you’ll share laughter, tears, and maybe one day even the same last name.