OMRRA 2017 Round 2

As is typically the case, the May round of racing brought with it some fickle weather. I don’t know how many times I changed my tires back and forth between slicks and rain tires this past weekend, but I got very quick at it!

Saturday I went out for practice on rain tires, with wet track conditions. I almost remembered how to ride in the rain, but still didn’t feel very confident. By the time my one race rolled around (Formula 4), the track had dried and I went back to my Bridgestone V01 slicks. I started the race and had some good racing with a few folks early on. By lap 4 I had just passed a rider and was determined to make some distance between them and myself. I saw some sprinkles on my visor and the corner workers were pointing the debris flag at the sky. I went charging into Turn 1 and by the time I reached the second apex, I had a massive front end tuck. I thought for sure I was going for a slide, but I somehow saved the bike from going down. After that I decided I was going to pull in and try to get my pulse back down under 200!

Sunday saw a very wet morning. By the time my first race rolled around (Middleweight Sportsman), the track was partially drying but still had some wet spots. I went out on rains and had a generally poor race with no confidence from me or the bike. My Middleweight Superbike race saw me go out on slicks and find most of my dry pace, but due to the other racers being so fast, I spent most of the race riding by myself.

My last race was 450 Superbike. I got a great start and was in 3rd position going into Turn 1 with two other 450 triples. Some of the SVs put on a serious charge in the first few laps and got passed me, but I managed to finish with 5th place — my best finish this season!

As always I want to thank my sponsors: Dr. Brown Motorcycle, #cyclegearracing, Cardenas Motorsports, Sportbike Upgrade/Bridgestone Tires, American Performance Engineering, and Gray Area KTM…and my parents John and Alison for being there to support me as always.