OMRRA Round 4 and 5 Race Reports

As usual, I’ve been pokey about getting my race reports done…but here goes nothing!

Round 4: (July)

This was our combined round with WMRRA, and it went very well this year thanks to the tireless efforts of OMRRA staff and volunteers. I raced 4 races: Formula 4, Middleweight Sportsman, Middleweight Classic Superbike, and 450 Superbike. The week prior to the race round I did a track day at PIR and go to spend some time with my friend/very accomplished road racer Kevin Pinkstaff, who coached me through some of my stumbling blocks. Kevin’s wise words instantly translated to seconds off my lap times, including a career best lap time during the Formula 4 race.

It was great fun having the Washington folks visiting to fill out our grids even more, and made for some fun and challenging racing!

Round 5: (August with chicane)

This round I started with assisting at the Novice Racer School. We had a great group of folks come out for NRS and every one of them received their novice license!

Saturday came and I went out for my first practice in the morning. Towards the end of the practice session I looked down at my boot as I was riding down the straight at PIR and noticed it was covered in oil. I quickly got off the racing line and parked my bike in the runoff area of the chicane. After being transported back to my pit (by the awesome WMRRA crash truck crew!) I quickly discovered that the seal between the water pump and the oil sump had failed. I remembered I had a spare water pump at home on my other engine and timed it just right to cross the track and go grab it. My race on Saturday wasn’t until nearly 3:00 PM, so I thought I would at least give fixing the bike a try.

I made it back to the track at 12:30 and had my bike up and running within a half hour. I made it out for my Formula 4 race and had a good battle with some folks.

Sunday I raced Middleweight Sportsman and Middleweight Classic Superbike. My Sportsman race was great fun, but was sadly cut short by a red flag on lap 6. I ended up in 6th place, which is my best placing thus far racing in dry conditions! Middleweight Classic Superbike was the best race of my life! I held 5th place for the majority of the race and was pushing harder than I ever had! I had an epic last lap battle with Mats White, with he and I trading 6th place twice during the last lap, but ultimately I ended up 7th by a few bike lengths.

I had a great race weekend overall and look forward to next month!

Also, huge congratulations are in order for my brother Alex Taylor, who locked up the championship win in the Ninja 250 Cup during Round 5!

As always, I’d sincerely like to thank my sponsors and supporters:
Gene at Dr. Brown Motorcycle, Brian at Cycle Gear, Sequoia at Sportbike Upgrade/Bridgestone, Driven Racing, Mike and Forrest at Cardenas Motorsports, and my family and friends that make this all worthwhile!!